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National teams nominated for upcoming season

Preparations for the 2020/2021 season have begun. Most nations have named their national teams for the upcoming winter season and many teams have already started with their first jumps.

In addition to several other nations the 4-Hills-Tournament hosts Austria and Germany have also nominated their teams. In addition to Stephan Leyhe, Markus Eisenbichler and Karl Geiger, Richard Freitag, Severin Freund, Pius Paschke and Constantin Schmid also belong to the traininggroup 1a in the German team. Andreas Wellinger and David Siegel, both of whom were recently absent due to injury, are also part of the DSV's perspective cadre. In Austria overall World Cup winner Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayboeck and Philipp Aschenwald form the national team. Clemens Aigner, Jan Hörl, Stefan Huber, Clemens Leitner, Daniel Huber and Gregor Schlierenzauer will complete the A-team.

The Polish team will consist of 12 athletes in the coming season. Besides the well-known faces such as this year's Four Hills Tournament winner Dawid Kubacki and Grand Slam winner Kamil Stoch, this year's team also includes Piotr Zyla, Maciej Kot, Jakub Wolny, Stefan Hula, Klemens Muranka, Pawel Wasek, Aleksander Zniszczol, Tomasz Pilch, Andrzej Stekala and Kasper Juroszek. As last year, the team will continue to be coached by Michal Dolezal and his assistants Grzegorz Sobczyk, Maciej Maciusiak and Daniel Kwiatkowski.

The USA has also already nominated the teams for the season. Kevin Bickner remains the most experienced jumper in the US team. Casey Larson, Andrew Urlaub, Decker Dean and Patrick Gasienica will complete the national team in the 2019/2020 season.

The jumping training has also started again. In compliance with safety and hygiene conditions the athletes gradually return to the hills.

Currently the plans for the summer and winter seasons are being prepared in virtual meetings of the FIS.

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